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I'm not crazy...just borderline. There's a difference, right?
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19th-Aug-2015 08:37 pm - Job
luna, happy
The new job is working so far though I've only been to work twice this week. The library that I'm supposed to be working at was closed this week, so they scheduled me to work at two different branches this week. I worked a grand total 11 hours at one branch this week and I'll be working my remaining 8 hours tomorrow at another branch.
So far my co-workers are nice, which is always a bonus.

Yesterday I had a lot of down time, but I also learned how that particular branch does some of the tasks that I had learned a different way from my time volunteering. I also did shelf reading, returns, and emptied the bookdrop.

Today I spent 2 1/2 hours reshelving items. The last half hour I worked on scanning returned items into the system to either be placed on the hold shelf, returned to the stacks, or transferred to other library branches. I know, I know...most people would consider that boring work, but I like it. :)

Anyway, I have an interview on Monday for a full-time Library Aide position at a different branch. I'm nervous because I really don't want this interview to affect (effect?) where I'm currently working in a way where they'll fire me since I've apparently been looking elsewhere for full time employment. Just to be clear, when I was applying for the job I have now, I applied for other library aide positions at different libraries in my county. I didn't apply for this job AFTER I had already gotten this job. It was only a few days ago that this other library called me to ask if I was interested in interviewing for this position. I made it clear that I had already gotten a job at another branch in the county library system, but that I was very interested in interviewing for this position.

If I can get this job it'll mean I'll get more hours (not to mention larget paychecks...which will help in SO MANY ways) and be eligible to receive county benefits, which would also help in a million ways. But if I don't get it, I know that there will be other opportunities for me so I'm not that worried.
24th-Jun-2015 03:41 pm - Good news!
lady, glasses, keiko
The interview on Monday went better than I thought it would, but I still psyched myself out later on and convinced myself they wouldn't hire me. However, I got a call today from them (sooner than I expected) and they're offering me the position I applied for. I'll be a Library Aide part time. I'm so excited, but I'm also nervous because not only will I be doing tasks that I've been doing for the last five years as a volunteer, I'll also have many new challenging tasks to learn and complete. After I got off the phone with the woman (after saying 'thank you' REPEATEDLY) I told my Aunt Jane and I burst into tears. I was just so convinced that I blew the interview because I showed just how quirky I am. I tend to feel that people take you more seriously in interviews when you're serious and give off a vibe of "I'm capable". I was like that sometimes, but there were times where I showed my strange sense of humor to them by answering their questions in kind of a jovial manner as opposed to answering the questions soberly and seriously. What can I say, when I get nervous I either shutdown or get kind of goofy. In this case, I was goofy. *face/palm*

I still don't know what they saw in me, but I'm glad that they liked what they saw. I'll certainly give it my all while working there.
1st-Sep-2013 12:44 pm - Finally
la corda, kaho

I finally have a phone again. Wahoo! :)

1st-Feb-2013 02:10 am - newest fanlistings
lady, glasses, keiko
Hey all!

I hope everyone is well.

This is just a brief post to say that I got approval to run the fanlistings for the Anastasia movie (a dream come true, man!) and the animanga series, Pretear (also a dream come true ^_^). I still have a few more pending approvals including fanlistings for James Caviezel (my favorite actor), Violet Wings by Victoria Hanley, and Philip & Aurora from Once Upon A Time.


lady, glasses, keiko
I got the main page up of Violet-Wings.Net today. I'm pretty happy with how to came out and I hope that when people view it, it'll actually show up because apparently when I was trying to show it to my cousin the site wasn't loading.
I fixed some of the coding errors, but there are still others and I don't know how to fix them. :(

5th-Apr-2012 11:22 pm - upcoming
luna, happy
I just got approval to run the fanlistings for Mog from Final Fantasy 6 and Cosmos from Dissidia/Dissidia Duodecim: Final Fantasy. Kyah! So awesome! I love the FF6 Moogles (they look kinda like koalas in their sprite form). So cute! And Cosmos has to be one of the prettiest, kindest most awesome fictional goddess ever. Example: when she sees her warriors getting slain and her love (I consider Warrior of Light to be her love) about to be slain too she glares at the villains and unleashes some major destructive energy on the enemies. So. awesome! I haven't decided on a name for Mog's fl yet. The one I was thinking of is kinda silly, so I really don't want to use it. However, I decided on "Goddess of Harmony, Goddess of Death" for Cosmos because apparently that is what she is.
12th-Mar-2012 11:14 am - MMPR
terra, moogle
Attention all MMPR fans!

I got an email today from tvshowsondvd.com:


FINALLY! Saban is releasing ALL of Power Rangers on dvd, including the original series that started it all, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

18th-Feb-2012 07:48 pm - Sleeping Beauty
terra, moogle
Today my mom bought me a Nook Simple Touch, so I downloaded a bunch of free use ebooks of classic novels to read on it, including Grimm's Fairytales. One of the stories was Briar Rose (aka Sleeping Beauty).
After reading that one, and the one by Charles Perrault where the Prince has an ogre for a mom (or is she his stepmom?) who wants to eat his wife and children, I have to say that the best version of Sleeping Beauty is Disney's.

1.) Prince Phillip is GORGEOUS. I mean, seriously. On that alone he trumps these princes that they don't give us any description of.

2.) Phillip does more than just walk up to an unknown castle after 100 years, fall instantly in love with the sleeping princess, and kiss her (in both Perrault's and Grimm's version of the story that is pretty much all the prince does). I mean, yeah, he got owned by Maleficent in the forest and then the fairies had to get him out of the tower and gave him a magical sword and shield to defend himself with. He used that sword and shield to maximum advantage by slaying the dragon and slashing his way through the thicket of thorns surrounding the castle to awaken the girl that he had been willing to abdicate the throne for was actually a princess and not a commoner. Prince Phillip would totally own either one of those princes in a duel. 

3.) Phillip has an awesome horse. ^_^ A prince is only as awesome as his noble steed, yah know? And Samson is AWESOME!!!!

4.) I never saw the purpose of the 100 year sleep. Is it so parents can say after reading it to their kids, "and the moral of this story is true love waits, and waits, and waits..."? I think that is pretty much the moral of it, I'm just saying, waiting a 100 years to meet someone and fall in love with them is a bit extreme.

5.) Sure, Disney's version is as vague in some respects as those stories, but I still think that overall it is far more developed and makes you really root for True Love to Conquer All. I don't feel much of anything when I read those versions, but when I watch Sleeping Beauty I swoon over Phillip, laugh at the fairies and woodland creatures antics, dream with Aurora, and just fall in love all over again with the movie.

End of rant.
15th-Dec-2011 01:08 am - Current Projects
lady, glasses, keiko
It looks like I've got my work cut out for me.
Note: blue = complete

I have half a dozen upcoming fanlistings to make layouts for.
Here's the list:
+ Barbie: A Perfect Christmas (movie)
+ Barbie: A Perfect Christmas - Skipper
+ Barbie: A Perfect Christmas - Barbie
+ Astroboy (movie)
+ Oliver & Company: Oliver
+ Barbie: Princess Charm School - Isla
+ Hakobune Hakusho (Animal Academy) - Sasuke Sagami & Neko Fukuta

I still have a few pending applications and once I get at least one or two of these upcoming fanlistings finished I'll reapply for Hans & Clara from The Nutcracker Prince. I was declined because I already had 6 pending applications. *sheepish grin*
14th-Dec-2011 01:38 pm - Yesterday, Today, and whatever
lady, glasses, keiko
Okay, it went better than expected yesterday. They approved my request for monies to go to Sheridan Technical Institute, IF Sheridan Tech will approve me to register there in the first place.
I am getting some tutoring over Skype this evening from my aunt for the test on Friday. I'm currently working on the chapter about decimals and learning about Scientific Notation. It's pretty easy, or maybe it's just that it is actually explained pretty well in a step-by-step way that is actually very helpful. That's the good news. The bad news is that I'm getting one of my headaches. *sighs* It isn't that I haven't been taking breaks, I'm the Queen of Procrastination, or maybe just a Princess. A queen is a bit pretentious I guess. I think I'll fix something to eat, let my laptop charge up to full power and take my studying outside at the little table and chair set. I think that would help.

Oh, and just to add a little prettiness to this post. On one of my breaks I made two icons of Isla from "Barbie: Princess Charm School". They're the same, pic and design, I just happened to remove the overlay layer on the second one. I plan on making some more, as well as some of the other characters, it's just that Isla happens to be my favorite character in it.:-)

Bye bye!

Veronica (Nikki)
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