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team project

Hi all!

Hope your Thanksgiving was a good one. Mine was fine except that I had a copious ammount of schoolwork for one of my courses to complete. Got everything done, but not without a lot of stress involved. I think the team project will get better from here despite our rough beginning. Just a few more weeks til this class is over. :)
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Team project and more

Hi all!

Hope everyone has a good Thanksgiving tomorrow.

Well, we officially have our first team meeting tonight after work. Hopefully all goes well. It is so weird to be the one taking the initiative to plan these meetings. I don't consider myself a planner. I am more likely to be fairly passive, rarely giving my opinion on things unless you ask for it one-on-one and not in a group setting. A new experience for sure. Four of us will be meeting through Google Hangouts tonight, but our fifth member won't be able to make it---so I will be discussing things we talked about tonight with her tomorrow morning. Hopefully next week we will all be able to meet on the same day because this whole thing feels wrong. Something else happened this week as far as that goes and I offered to do outreach in a few weeks to assist whereever I can. I have no idea what my duties will be, but hopefully they'll be able to explain them and I'll be able to complete the assigned tasks well.

Anyway, God bless.

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teamwork, or lack thereof

Hey all!

I hope all is well. I've been under the weather for the last four days and this is in the midst of having classwork to do. This week, we begin our team project and so far...ugh. So many things are going wrong. I don't even know where to start! Groups for the team projects were picked late probably partially because people aren't paying attention to anything besides what assignments say are due instead of looking through the module. I know I barely did, but I wised up. This has caused issues in this particular case because we were all supposed to choose two hypothetical team projects for the teacher to decide the group members for them based on interest. The result is, only two groups out of 5 have been filled MID freaking WEEK! Basically, this means that the groups that have already been chosen have to RUSH and plan to discuss group stuff in order to get those first two assignments in by SUNDAY this week and it is ALREADY Thursday. As soon as I realized I had been chosen for a group I took the initiative to contact my group members yesterday to plan a chat or whatever to discuss things. One of them said she was available either Saturday and Sunday. One said she was only available tonight because she works this weekend. One was in the hospital, but got out just today and said she would be available today. The last one I haven't heard anything from. I am completely freaking out. I am not a leader, and this is why, I tend to get really annoying and persistent when I don't hear back from those in the group. I am aware that they have lives outside of class, but this is a GROUP project---we're supposed to work together on it. On top of all this, like I said before, I've been sick with a cold since Monday. I feel icky, I haven't got much done on any of my other class assignments and there are still many to do. I guess what I'll do is open the chat at 6:30, say 'hi', and if only the other two show up I'll try to plan something separate with the one who is only available Saturday or Sunday to get her input. The last one I just may send her an email of all the decisions that have been made and attempt to get her input. Like I said, I get that they have a life, but not even coomunicating what is going on is just rude.
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Final Grade for the World Civilization class

Well, I am finally able to view my final grade for the class. However, there is still a "transcripts hold" on my account. If I had known they would do that I wouldn't have paid for the next semester so quickly. Payment wasn't actually due until the 23rd of this month but after hearing I wouldn't eligible for the pell grant, I decided to just submit my payment ahead of time. Apparently that is a no-no, though I don't know why. I could theorize though. Like maybe they hadn't finished tallying everything up. I find that hard to believe though since it was already up to almost $3,000 for 4 courses for the Fall semester. The hold should be removed by the 13th of this month (apparently), but I would also like to talk to someone at the school to find out why this happened. 

final grade issues

Apparently my final grade for the World Civilizations class was posted yesterday. However, I can't view it due to there being a "hold" on my account. It may be an error on their part because the bill they sent me for the upcoming semester had the wrong date on it. Due to this issue, I won't be able to view my final grade until the 13th of this month. Crazy.
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Financial Aid

I really wish that financial aid would have contacted me to tell me that I was no longer eligible for the pell grant. To be fair, maybe they did. I do remember someone calling about something about my financial aid but I wasn't able to speak to the person who had called so I got confused and just let it go. I shelled out the whole lump sum for the Fall semester tuition. I could have signed up for a payment plan, but there is an enrollment fee (one time only), and though the school doesn't charge interest, the bank may do so. Thankfully, I had enough saved up to cover the tuition for this upcoming semester. Depending on how many classes I take next Spring though, I may have to consider doing the enrollment plan. Better that, with interest, than applying for a student loan. Do not EVER want to go that route again. Thankfully I have a job and I have been able to, thus far, save a nice little chunk of money for school because one bad experience with that is enough to show me that given the choice between saving up money and using that to pay my tuition and getting a loan that will cost me set funds plus interest, it is no contest.
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Summer course...COMPLETE

Early this morning I completed my final assignment for my World Civilization class---an exam. Throughout this class I've gotten C's in the exams, and this one was no different. They're supposed to post final grades next week, on Tuesday. I am pretty confident, based on what I see, that my final grade will be a B. I've gotten A's as my final grade in all but one class in the previous courses I've taken. That would be math and I just barely passed it with a D after they rounded it up from an F. *cringes*
I have already signed up for my Fall classes and am thinking ahead to what classes I will be taking next year in the Spring. Hopefully I can continue doing well in the other classes.
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Oh wow, it has been awhile...


I can't believe it has been two years since my last post on here. I've been busy with work and just this past year I made the commitment to getting my Associates Degree in Library Science through IvyTech. I completed 5 classes this past Spring and I am currently taking one general class this Summer. Needless to say, I felt like I was drowning this past Spring and I don't think I've quite recovered. Besides school and work I haven't had much going on. A few of my cousins are expecting babies soon, which is exciting and awesome. I just wish I lived closer so I could be of assistance, but to also get to know these new generations of kiddies in the family. I am trying to get back into webdesign, but I don't have as much time or energy to devote to it as I once did. I recently applied for some new fanlistings, I've been approved for 2 out of 3 of them. Anyway, I hope all is well.
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The new job is working so far though I've only been to work twice this week. The library that I'm supposed to be working at was closed this week, so they scheduled me to work at two different branches this week. I worked a grand total 11 hours at one branch this week and I'll be working my remaining 8 hours tomorrow at another branch.
So far my co-workers are nice, which is always a bonus.

Yesterday I had a lot of down time, but I also learned how that particular branch does some of the tasks that I had learned a different way from my time volunteering. I also did shelf reading, returns, and emptied the bookdrop.

Today I spent 2 1/2 hours reshelving items. The last half hour I worked on scanning returned items into the system to either be placed on the hold shelf, returned to the stacks, or transferred to other library branches. I know, I know...most people would consider that boring work, but I like it. :)

Anyway, I have an interview on Monday for a full-time Library Aide position at a different branch. I'm nervous because I really don't want this interview to affect (effect?) where I'm currently working in a way where they'll fire me since I've apparently been looking elsewhere for full time employment. Just to be clear, when I was applying for the job I have now, I applied for other library aide positions at different libraries in my county. I didn't apply for this job AFTER I had already gotten this job. It was only a few days ago that this other library called me to ask if I was interested in interviewing for this position. I made it clear that I had already gotten a job at another branch in the county library system, but that I was very interested in interviewing for this position.

If I can get this job it'll mean I'll get more hours (not to mention larget paychecks...which will help in SO MANY ways) and be eligible to receive county benefits, which would also help in a million ways. But if I don't get it, I know that there will be other opportunities for me so I'm not that worried.
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Good news!

The interview on Monday went better than I thought it would, but I still psyched myself out later on and convinced myself they wouldn't hire me. However, I got a call today from them (sooner than I expected) and they're offering me the position I applied for. I'll be a Library Aide part time. I'm so excited, but I'm also nervous because not only will I be doing tasks that I've been doing for the last five years as a volunteer, I'll also have many new challenging tasks to learn and complete. After I got off the phone with the woman (after saying 'thank you' REPEATEDLY) I told my Aunt Jane and I burst into tears. I was just so convinced that I blew the interview because I showed just how quirky I am. I tend to feel that people take you more seriously in interviews when you're serious and give off a vibe of "I'm capable". I was like that sometimes, but there were times where I showed my strange sense of humor to them by answering their questions in kind of a jovial manner as opposed to answering the questions soberly and seriously. What can I say, when I get nervous I either shutdown or get kind of goofy. In this case, I was goofy. *face/palm*

I still don't know what they saw in me, but I'm glad that they liked what they saw. I'll certainly give it my all while working there.
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